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Gulf Crosser Yachts was founded in 2008 with the goal of creating extremely unique boats featuring configurations, safety features, and a level of quality not found elsewhere in the market. Since that time we have continued to innovate and produce custom and semi-custom boats that delight our customers.

The enclosed version of our 52 footer is a prime example of that spirit of innovation. We had watched center console boats continue to grow larger and larger but the only thing that any of them seemed to add was a second row of seating behind the helm seats. At the same time, we were seeing people that were downsizing from their sportfishing convertibles and wanted a boat that they could operate themselves. This led us to design the 52 with a wider beam than the competition so that we could fit an air-conditioned enclosure in the middle of the boat and essentially create a hybrid between a center console boat and a convertible yacht.

Our logo is comprised of the silhouette of a boat contained within the outline of a shield and is symbolic of our obsession with safety. We fill our boats with closed-cell foam for flotation. We build 3-piece boats instead of using the less expensive 2-piece construction method because it provides toe kick space and reduces the requirement to direct your balance outward when leaning against the sides of the boat to fight a fish or grab a dock. Our systems and pumps are designed with a substantial amount of redundancy so that important features don’t rely on a single piece of equipment. The boats include wide passageways and high gunnels to allow safe and easy access to all areas of the boat for passengers of all ages. We like to call it the “Toddler Test” meaning would you be comfortable following a small child around the boat without fearing that they would fall overboard. The tops of our gunnels are wide and have non skid surfaces to provide a safer spot when stepping down from a high dock. We also design all of our sunpads with safety in mind. We’ve seen many boats with sunpads that obstruct the captain’s view or place passengers at a height that increases the risk of falling or even being ejected from the boat if you hit an unexpected wave. Our sunpads are designed to make sure that they don’t obstruct the captain’s view when occupied and to have the base cushions well below the top of the gunnels.

In terms of quality, we literally spare no expense in the construction of our boats. We source the finest components and materials from around the world and never make any decisions based upon trying to cut costs. We aren’t looking to be a high volume producer but rather we want to build a small handful of amazing boats each year for customers that want the absolute best boats that money can buy.

We are located in Tampa, Florida just minutes from Tampa International Airport so it’s easy to come take a factory tour or check on the progress of your build during construction.

Come visit us and let us show you what makes a boat from Gulf Crosser Yachts so unique!

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